Is it easy to make money as a Casino Agent? Here are the secrets to earn online!

Is it easy to make money as a Casino Agent? Here are the secrets to earn online!

Did you know that there are other ways to make money in the gaming industry besides being a player and playing games to earn money? It’s by being an agent in an online casino. The requirements to become an agent are simple, but the commissions you can earn are very substantial.

The following is a detailed introduction to the Casino Agent program, from the application requirements, methods and systems as well as the commission rates you can earn, we’ve got it all for you.

What is a Casino Agent?

The job of a casino agent is to promote the casino’s games in order to find more players to play the games in the casino, just like any other business in the real world. This is a common mode of operation for casinos, but there are two other types of casino agents, which are explained below.

1.Official Casino Agents

Official Casino Agents are staff members of the casino company and their salary structure varies depending on the casino’s payroll. Normally, some are certain salary and some are commission. The average percentage of the commission will be from 15-40%.

2.Event Agents

An Event Agent is a member of the general public who comes in and helps to promote the games of the casino. Here’s what you need to know if you want to become an Event agent.

What is a Casino Agent?

Casino Agency System

Casino Agency System

Since the agency system of each casino is different, but we would like to give you an idea of the agency system of the casino, we will use the agency system of JB Online Gaming as an example.

1.JB Online Casino Agency

JB Online Gaming is the best online platform for slots and casino games in the Philippines. JB Online Gaming offers a minimum of 35% and up to 50% of the profits from casino activities as an agent, and there is no fee to become an agent, so you can generate additional income from home. Simply contact JB Online Gaming with your name, contact number, ID you want to use as your agent account and e-mail to sign up and you’ll find out more about what you need to become an agent for JB Online Gaming’s casino activities below.

Casino Agency System

Casino Agent Requirements

To become a JB Online Gaming Agent, it is very simple. All you need to do is become an official JB Online Gaming member and contact JB Online Gaming at, leaving your name, contact number, ID you want to use as your agent account, and e-mail to complete your application. JB wil upgrade your account to an agent account and you can start inviting new players through your referral link!

1. Become a Casino Agent in 3 easy steps

Become an official member of JB Online Gaming
Contact JB Online Gaming
Leave your name (full name), contact number, login ID and email

In less than 5 minutes, you can start making money online right away~!

How do agents make money?

How do agents make money?

Depending on the casino’s system, the following will introduce you to the more common ways of earning money. You can be role like a banker with the casino, which can account for 0 to 70% of the win/loss ratio of the players underneath. As long as players continue to play in the casino, they will continue to be rewarded, regardless of the outcome of their play.

JB Online Gaming has one of the best commission agent systems available, check out the table below for more information.

Agent mission rewards


Commission Percentage

Based on

Team P&L


of team P&L

Team turnover reaches 1.5 million


of team turnover

Team turnover reaches 50 million


of team turnover

Team turnover reaches 100 million


of team turnover


The minimum commission apply amount is 100P.

All commission will be counted monthly.

What you can do in the Casino

What you can do in the Casino

Once you become an agent, JB Online Gaming will give you an exclusive invitation link that you can use to invite other players, and you will also be given instructions on how to operate as a frontline agent, so you don’t have to worry about knowing where to start when you become an agent.

You may be wondering, where do I go to recruit my own players? Don’t worry, JB Online Gaming will also teach you how to share your referral links with your friends on social media and create a fan page of your agents, creating a channel of communication for players who want to get into the casino but are hesitant to do so. For posts on social media platforms, JB Online Gaming will also give you a template for your posts, for example:

Welcome to JB! JB Casino has the best slots, fishing and live casino games you want.
With 24-hour online services in English, you can deposit and withdraw instantly, so join the fun!
Registration link: (put your own link)!

🎯A detailed tutorial is available at:

In addition to this, you will also be required to monitor players for any game arbitrage, such as in lotteries, and to deal with players’ needs in time, acting as a customer service, such as giving out points, help with making withdrawals, confirming payments and answering basic questions for players.

What you can do in the Casino

Is a casino agent a scam?

This is a question that many people have, but I can tell you here that casino agents are not fraudulent and you can indeed make a lot of money by being an online gaming agent. You don’t need to worry, just apply to join and start your gaming agency business.

Agency Regulations and Precautions

Below you will find a list of rules and precautions that you should be aware of once you become an agent.

❌ You are not allowed to be a member of your own agent line or sign up using your own link

❌You cannot use or lend your Gcash or bank account to cash in and cash out to your downlines

❌Your team members or sub agents cannot use your phone number or email to register

❌ You cannot set up the commission percentage of your sub agents at 0%. Their commission must be 10% or more.

❌Once you have set up your sub agent’s commission, you cannot reduce or lower his commission in the following days. You can increase the sub agent’s commission but you cannot reduce it.

⚠️When it is proven that you have violated or you are guilty, your commission will be held automatically and you will not be able to get it.

⚠️ We will remove your sub agent from your agent line if you are found to be in violation.

✅ Communicate or message our Customer Service or our Telegram Agent Service to help you with what you should do.

JB Online Gaming

JB Online Gaming is not only an online casino that has been rigorously tested by casino professionals in terms of security, bonuses, game selection and payment methods, it is also a legally licensed online casino operator. When you become a JB Online Casino Agent, you will not only start your online business immediately and enjoy the benefits of earning money from home, but you will also be able to enjoy playing and earning money at your leisure.

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Is it easy to make money as a Casino Agent? Here are the secrets to earn online!
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The following is a detailed introduction to the Casino Agent program, from the application requirements, methods and systems as well as the commission rates you can earn, we've got it all for you.

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