How to win betting football?6 easy steps to win prizes!

How to place football betting? 6 easy steps to win prizes!

How to win betting football?More and more people’s leisure and entertainment is watching exciting games. Besides watching games, many people also like to bet, such as football betting , which can not only become a leisure entertainment after dinner, but also eliminate stress. However, there are also many people who put the cart before the horse and bet with the wrong mentality. This article will tell you how to place football betting, what are the methods of football betting, precautions for football betting and online betting website recommendations.

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13 must-know Football Betting Rules!

How to win betting football?

Many people think that they can grasp the mentality when betting on football , and they can step into the world of lottery casually, but in fact they will be confused when they see the game. The following will sort out six points to tell you to bet on football How to face it with the right attitude.

1.Choose a trusted betting site

As the lottery industry becomes more and more prosperous, there are also many websites that are not reputable enough or are fraudulent and fake as lottery games. If you encounter a betting site with insufficient reputation, you may not be able to pay the fees when you win the bet, so It is very important to choose a trustworthy and legitimate betting site.

2.Stick to strategy

Players need to maintain a certain amount of patience, because it is possible that after the first and second rounds are big losses, the situation will be reversed in the third round and become a double profit, and in the fourth round, you may even win ten times your original bet . Therefore, sticking to the strategy is also a mentality that needs to be maintained when betting on football.

3.Uninfluenced by others

There are many players who will give up their own strategy and change to someone else’s betting strategy because of friends around them or after reading false information on the Internet. Going with the flow is one of the most unacceptable mistakes in betting. You should believe in yourself. strategy.

4.Risk control

Before making every bet, you must first think about your stop loss point. If you do not do a good job of risk control, it is very likely that you will lose all your bets accidentally, or it is very likely that you will lose all your bets because of the situation. Stable and increased betting, but lost all chips in the end, so it is very important to think about your stop loss point in advance, think about how many chips you want to bet this time, you will not increase your stack, you can also bet for different games to spread risk.

5.Master the rules of the game

The most important point of betting on lottery is to know your ROI. You can’t always buy whichever team you think is strong through your own subjective consciousness, or choose to play every time because you have a favorite team. Note the same team. In fact, before the betting starts, the lottery company will first set how many points the strong team should win the weak team, which is called the handicap system. only players can win the bet, so you must know the rules of the game clearly and confirm your ROI at all times.

6.Soccer lottery as entertainment

Don’t take football lottery as a tool to get rich overnight, so don’t use your basic living expenses to bet on lottery, think of lottery as an after-dinner entertainment, and allocate a little extra entertainment expenses. Enjoy the exciting lottery!

how to win betting football?

13 Football Betting Rules

How to place football betting? 6 easy steps to win prizes!

1.MethodsMatch bet direct betting

Direct betting refers to betting directly on a football game, which is divided into single betting and double betting. Single betting refers to betting on a single game, while double betting refers to betting on multiple games at one time. A bet slip can be considered as Accumulators , meaning that for each win, the total winnings can be multiplied up.

2.Whole-goal handicap global handicap betting

The handicap system I mentioned earlier is for when the strength gap between the two teams is too large, the system implemented by the lottery company will be determined by the winning rate and loss rate of the previous two teams. , Players who bet on the strong team will win must make the final result score more than the score set by the lottery company to win the bet, however, the global handicap shows 1 on the handicap, indicating that the two teams have a clear instance gap.

3.Half-goal handicap Half-goal handicap betting

Hemisphere handicap betting means that 0.5 will be displayed on the football handicap, which is the most difficult handicap system to judge. Many people will also call the hemisphere handicap a life and death market, because the result of the game is the betting result. If there is a tie in the end , the player on the side who bet on the handicap loses the bet.

4.Asian handicap bet

The Asian handicap subdivides the football handicap into 0.25 balls as a unit. There are four handicap combinations, namely +0, +0.5, -0, -0.5. There is also a special system in the Asian handicap that is if The final result of the game is a tie, then the bet is void. The following example illustrates.

If you bet $20 on Team A to win Team B with -0 and -0.5 , then you are betting on Team A -0 and -0.5 with $10 respectively. Finally, if Team A wins by one goal or more, then both If the game ends in a tie, the -0.5 bet is lost, and the -0 bet is void and the bet amount will be refunded; if the final team A loses, then both bets are lost.

5.European handicap bet

European handicap is a relatively simple system because it is calculated in integer form. If it is +1, it will add one goal to the total score of the weak team, and if it is -1, it will subtract one goal from the score of the strong team. , the European handicap does not have a system of refunding the bet money after a tie, but a tie is a loss. The following example illustrates.

If you bet 10 yuan for team A to win team B with +1 , if team A wins in the end , then the bet is won; if the final tie, it means team B wins and loses the bet; if team B wins in the end , and also bet for outright losses.

6.Half-time/full-time Half-time/full-time result prediction

Half-time/full-time is to predict who will win the first half and full game results. There are nine betting combinations, namely: Home/Home, Home/Away, Home/Sum, Away/Away, Away/ host, guest/and, and/host, and/guest, and/and.

7.Double chance

Double chance means that if the team you bet on wins or draws, it means that you win the bet, and only lose the bet will you lose the bet. Compared with the lower odds, it is a more conservative betting method.

8.Accumulators Parlay Bet

When I introduced multiple betting earlier, I mentioned Accumulators a little , that is, when you bet on multiple games at one time, when you win the bet of the first game, the bonus will become the bet of the second game. And so on, so your winnings can accumulate, as if you are passing through a level, hence the name Accumulators.

How to place football betting? 13 Football Betting Rules

9.Goalscorer betting

Goalscorer betting , as the name implies, is to bet on the scoring performance of a specific player. Before the game starts, the lottery company will provide the starting list and the odds of all players in the bench area. You can use this data to bet to predict the first score. Who is the player or who was the last player to score.

10.Correct score/Wincast / Scorecast Correct Score Betting/Goal Score/Goal Prediction

First of all, let’s introduce Correct score. Correct score is the prediction of the final result of the game, that is, the prediction result will be a win/lose/tie score. The lottery company will set the upper limit of the number of goals scored by the two teams before the start of the game. , There are many types of scores that may be possible against the number of goals, so Correct score is more difficult than other betting methods, because the score must be accurately guessed.

Wincast , like double betting, similar to half time/full time betting, you have to predict two outcomes, such as which player will score at least a few points, what is the outcome of the game, at this time when the player scores is not the key, Instead, the bet is won when both of your predicted bets are completed.

Finally, Scorecast , like the evolutionary version of Wincast , is also a type of double betting. In addition to guessing which player will score, it is also necessary to accurately guess the score of the final game result, so it will be more difficult than Wincast .

11.Over and Under betting

Over and Under betting is also called total betting. The lottery company will decide the total score of the two teams before the game starts, and the player needs to predict whether the total score of the two teams will exceed or fall below the specified number of bets.

12.Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet means that the bet will be won or lost only when the result of the game is a win or a loss. If the game is a tie, it will not be counted. Like the rules of Asian handicap introduced earlier, if there is a tie, the bet will be returned.

13.In-play betting

In-play betting means predicting what may happen in the game while the game is still in progress, such as predicting which player will score the next goal and other game situations, it means that the winning and losing will follow the player’s performance. And volatility is a very exciting way to bet.

Ready to try football betting?

Now that you know how to play football betting, you should be eager to try this betting game for yourself. Welcome to the top rated online football betting network in the Philippines- play JB Online Casino, you will discover the charm of many football betting!

Dos and Don’ts of Football Betting

How to place football betting? 6 easy steps to win prizes!

Change your betting strategy at any time depending on the game situation

In addition to studying the results of past games in advance, it is also necessary to evaluate the recent game status of each team. It may be unfavorable for a certain team based on past game results, but it is also possible that the team has undergone rectification. , If the game is going well recently, you need to change your betting strategy depending on the situation.

Set your own bet amount and manage your risks

You should set your own betting stop-loss point. When you decide the bet amount, it will not increase. Don’t be greedy. It is possible that you will lose your winning bet once you are greedy. However, when you lose your bet , and don’t continue to add more money in the hope that you can earn back what you lost before, which may make you lose more.

Find legit betting sites

Finding a legitimate betting website is one of the most important things before playing football betting. In recent years, scams have been rampant, and there are many scam websites that pretend to be sports lottery websites just to scam you out of your money. The JB Online Casino , we recommend here is a legitimate, legal and safe online casino operator. You can rest assured to play football betting on JB Online Gaming Network.

Football Betting FAQ

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How to win betting football?6 easy steps to win prizes!
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How to win betting football?Many people like to bet on football, this article will tell you how to place football betting, and online betting website recommendations.

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