20 facts about cockfighting you probably haven’t heard

Do you know the story and background of cockfighting? This article has compiled 20 facts about cockfighting to help you understand it better.

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What you need to know about the cockfighting history before engaging in cockfighting

Cockfighting is a traditional activity that spans thousands of years, originating from ancient India and spreading around the world. Cockfighting was regarded as a symbol of courage and strength in India, and later spread to Southeast Asia through trade and cultural exchanges, becoming an important cultural event in the Philippines, Indonesia and other places.

Ancient Greece and Rome also used cockfighting as part of entertainment and religious rituals. By the Middle Ages, cockfighting had become a popular folk entertainment in Europe, especially Britain, and expanded to the Americas with colonization.

20 facts about cockfighting you should know

20 facts about cockfighting you should know

Cockfighting is an activity that many people are aware of, but few know some of the truth and facts behind it. Therefore, this article has compiled 20 matters related to cockfighting.

Not every chicken is born aggressive

Cockfighting enthusiasts often argue that chickens are naturally aggressive, a belief that stems from centuries of selective breeding for aggression.

Birds do fight for food, territory, or mates, and form social classes, but these natural battles are rarely fatal. Instead, chickens forced to fight in enclosed spaces face human abuse and drug injections and are forced to Becomes aggressive, which is very different from their natural behavior.

Not every chicken dies after cockfighting

Although it is commonly believed that cockfights end with the death of a chicken, in fact not all games end that way. Many roosters will survive the fight, only to suffer fractures, eye and lung injuries that prevent them from fighting again, and ultimately lead to defeat.

Most countries consider this to be animal cruelty

To make it to the fighting ring, roosters are brutally treated, often imprisoned and injected with steroids and other drugs to build muscle and aggressiveness. To make them more aggressive, they are sometimes kept in a dark box for weeks or tortured by having hot peppers shoved up their butts.

In addition, cockfighting competitions also involve large amounts of money being bet, so that the roosters are forced by their owners to fight for a long time until they die. Even victorious roosters sometimes have to participate in more brutal competitions, such as a “battle royale” in which multiple roosters fight each other until only one chicken remains.

Cockfighting is part of the culture of some countries

Cockfighting is banned in some countries, but in others it is considered legal and has religious, traditional and cultural significance. For example, in Indonesia and some Eastern countries, cockfighting is associated with religious rituals, especially in Balinese Hinduism, where it is used as a sacrifice to appease evil spirits.

India also has a tradition of cockfighting during harvest festivals. Although the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act passed in 1960 had made it illegal for many years, a 2018 Supreme Court ruling overturned this ruling and allowed cockfighting for traditional and ceremonial purposes, but prohibited the use of knives and gambling. Therefore, cockfighting is widely popular in the southern states of India.

Cockfighting is also common in Central and South America. In 2016, Honduras passed the Animal Protection and Welfare Law, banning animal fighting activities, but because bullfighting and cockfighting are considered part of the national folklore, these activities are still allowed.

Cockfighting is illegal in the United States

After the United States experienced the Civil War, cockfighting activities turned from prosperity to decline. The federal law “Animal Welfare Act” (AWA) and the “2018 Farm Bill” criminalized it, and states began to ban it one after another.

The changes to these laws have made it more stringent, making it a federal crime to participate in cockfights, bring children to participate, or transport cockfights across state lines. Until 2022, Louisiana became the last state to ban cockfighting, and 50 states in the United States completely banned this activity.

However, the penalties for cockfighting vary from state to state, with some treating it as a misdemeanor and others as a felony. Currently, viewing cockfights is prohibited in 43 states; 39 states prohibit the possession or sale of cockfighting roosters; and 29 states prohibit the possession of cockfighting paraphernalia. Five states specifically prohibit adults from bringing children to cockfights.

Cockfighting is often associated with many illegal activities

Another key criticism of cockfighting is that it easily breeds criminal activities, such as illegal weapons sales, illegal gambling, drug trafficking and gang activities. Federal investigators have discovered that drug cartels use cockfighting as a means to distribute illegal substances across the United States, and many people continue to engage in illegal cockfighting despite laws prohibiting it.

Betting market is one of the important parts of cockfighting

As a bloody fighting entertainment, cockfighting, like boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts, attracts many viewers to place bets and increases the entertainment value. People bet on which rooster will win, which not only adds to the appeal of cockfighting but also shows how closely sports betting is associated with it.

Roosters involved in cockfights often have parts of their organs removed

During the training process of roosters, their combs and dewlaps (the skin under their beaks and on top of their heads) are often trimmed to prevent them from being injured during fighting.

Additional mounting of sharp objects such as harpoons or spurs

Roosters have a natural weapon – spurs, which are keratin-covered leg bone extensions that roosters use to stay at the top of the pecking order, defend their territory and ward off predators. They are often removed to replace them with fish. Forks or metal spurs.

A harpoon is an ice pick-like knife chosen because it is sharp enough to cause serious injury to another bird. These harpoons come in a variety of lengths and shapes, and come in both single- and double-edged versions.

Cockfighting competitions need to be held in exclusive venues

A cockfighting ring is a circular, enclosed space designed to contain the roosters and spectators. A fighting area is set up in the center for the roosters to battle, while seats and stands are installed around the perimeter to allow spectators to enjoy the action in comfort.

There are also international competitions for cockfighting

In countries where cockfighting is legal, events are usually held in dedicated local venues and range from small events to national championships. The Philippines is particularly famous for its cockfighting culture. It hosts the “World Slasher Cup” every two years and is known as the Olympics of cockfighting, attracting cockfighting enthusiasts from all over the world.

Common roosters are not fighting cocks

Cockfighting roosters are far from ordinary chickens, with some of the most challenging and aggressive breeds including Kelso, Peruvian, Hatch, Asier, Radio and Round-head roosters. These breeds are extremely popular in cockfighting and are highly aggressive not just against other roosters, but also against hens and other animals.

here is a big price difference between different breeds

The selling price of fighting cocks is affected by many factors, including age, breed, origin and use. Regular fighting cocks may cost as little as $10, while some can cost as much as $100 or more. For those rare purebred and highly specialized roosters, the price can even reach $800 or more.

Cockfighting is often linked to the spread of disease

Hundreds to thousands of chickens raised for cockfighting can become a breeding ground for the spread of disease. They are often sold and transported across state lines with little supervision and used in bloody cockfights.

Raising fighting chickens can be lucrative

Breeding fighting cocks has developed into a booming business popular in many countries. Breeders travel the world to sell their birds at international cockfighting expos and tournaments, and some even ship birds around the world.

What is the most expensive fighting cock in the world?

Ayam Cemani from Indonesia is the world’s most expensive wild bird and is famous for its pure black appearance – including feathers, beak, skin, bones, organs and meat. Due to the scarcity of the stock, only about 3,500 are available, and its price can reach $5,000.

Chickens must be trained on a specific diet to participate in cockfighting

In order for roosters to achieve optimal growth and performance, their diet needs to be specially designed with the right feed and nutritional supplements. This requires careful selection of multiple food components and careful execution of multiple steps to keep the fighting birds in top condition and increase their performance. Possibility of winning the game.

Cockfighting moves to online competition and viewing due to COVID-19

Cockfighting took place every day in the Philippines until the COVID-19 pandemic forced the suspension of mass gatherings. Cockfighting fans then turned to online live streaming and betting, which generated billions of dollars in revenue during the pandemic.

Cockfighting is closely related to many people’s lives

For many, cockfighting goes beyond a game or entertainment and becomes a way of life. Some people make extra money by participating in cockfighting, especially if their main job pays less than the minimum wage. For some, cockfighting is their main occupation or business, allowing them to support their families and finance their children’s education. Others find solace in escaping the hardships and stress of daily life in cockfights.

The life of a fighting cock is very hard

From hatching until the end of life, these birds go through a rigorous selection and training process. This process is designed to weed out weak or less ferocious individuals, ensuring that only the strongest and most aggressive birds remain. Birds that fail the screening will be killed.

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20 facts about cockfighting plus these frequently asked questions

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