The chinese new year slot game that you can’t miss in 2024!

The chinese new year slot game that you can’t miss in 2024!

With the arrival of the new year, more and more people are playing the chinese new year slot game. Let’s take a look at its fun features today!

2024 online chinese new year slot!

2024 online chinese new year slot!

Chinese New Year Slot is a classic 5-reel, 25-payline slot game launched by Evoplay in 2016 that perfectly showcases Evoplay’s excellence in slots with beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay.

In the Chinese New Year slot machine, players will be immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, because the game’s patterns include firecrackers, gold coins, lanterns, dragons, etc., all full of festive colors, and the gameplay is also very rich, including wild symbols, bonuses Multipliers, etc., allowing players to enjoy the game to their fullest. The Chinese New Year slot machine also provides free and real money game modes on some online gambling websites. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can find a game method that suits you!

2 Must-See chinese new year slot game tips!

In addition to the playability of the New Year slot machine itself, the machine is also designed with the following two features, allowing players to use these two techniques to win more bonuses:

Wild symbol

Among the single spins of online slot machines during the New Year period, the most eye-catching special reward is the “zodiac symbols”. As the wild symbol in the game, it can replace all other symbols, creating more opportunities for players to win prizes.

Multiplier calculation

The multiplier table in the upper right corner of the screen records the number of consecutive wins by the player. Whenever the player wins once, the multiplier will light up. When the player wins 6 times in a row, the multiplier will reach the highest value, which is as high as 32. Double the bonus multiplier!

 Volatility in chinese new year slot tricks

The volatility of a slot shows how often winning combinations occur, as well as the average payout you can expect, which is one of the important considerations when playing any slot game.

Volatility can be simply divided into three states: low, medium, and high. The volatility of the New Year slot machine is a medium-high volatility slot machine game, which is suitable for players who like to pursue high excitement.

 low volatility

For investors pursuing high returns, low-volatility strategies may not be attractive. However, low-volatility strategies also have a unique advantage, which is “small wins and portfolio diversification.”

medium volatility

Mid-volatility slots fall somewhere between high and low volatility, offering a moderate win frequency and decent payouts, and are ideal for players who want to have fun while also having a chance to win big. ideal choice.

high volatility

Many people like high-volatility slot machines, because although high-volatility slot machines do not often have winning combinations, once they win, they will start to have obvious bonus multipliers.

New Year Slot is a medium to high volatility slot game, which means it has the following features: winning combinations don’t appear too infrequently, giving players a chance to win bonuses in a short period of time, and a chance of winnings on every win Very high, giving players a chance to win big prizes.

Therefore, Chinese New Year slot machines are suitable for players who like to pursue high levels of excitement.

3 Recommended ways to play new year slots machine

In addition to the above two recommended ways to play, there are actually the following 4 ways to play, which are also very popular tips for playing New Year slot machines:

View slot machine symbols

New Year Slot Machine is a slot machine game with a Chinese culture theme, so various Chinese symbols are used as bonus symbols in the game, and the odds are as follows:

• Cookies: 0.1×, 0.5× or 2×

• Firecrackers: 0.1×, 0.6× or 2.2×

• Coin: 0.1×, 0.6× or 2.5×

• Flag: 0.2×, 3× or 12×

• Lantern: 0.3×, 2.8× or 16×

• Banner: 0.3×, 3.2× or 16×

• Yellow Dragon: 0.5×, 3.6× or 20×

• Red Dragon: 0.6×, 28×

As can be seen from the table, cookies have the lowest odds, while red dragons have the highest odds, so when the red dragon appears, you can seize the opportunity!

Make good use of game buttons

Not only is the graphics rich, but even the user interface design of the game is very simple and easy to understand.

The plus and minus signs in the betting area allow you to adjust your bet size. The minimum bet is 0.1 and the maximum bet is 500, making it suitable for players with different budgets. At the same time, the slot machine’s spin button allows players to spin the reels in one go.

If you want more automatic spins, you can also use the “auto spin” button to let the game automatically spin the reels a preset number of times.

Set gaming budget

It is very important to set a playing budget when playing slot machines. This will help players avoid over-playing and spending all their money at once, because the excitement and money-making opportunities brought by slot machines are very attractive.

However, sometimes there will still be situations where you do not make money in a short period of time, including New Year slot machines, so setting a good budget is very important.

Choose slot machines to spit out installments

The slot machine’s disbursement period refers to the period when the slot machine will disburse bonuses with a higher probability within a certain period of time. During the spitting period, the player’s winning rate will increase, so there is a chance to win a larger bonus.

Therefore, when playing New Year slot machines, you can bet small amounts on the first few slots and observe what cycle the machine is currently in.

Which devices can the New Year slot game be played on?

Although some slot machines have excellent designs, they may not support HTML5 technology due to technical issues, or they may not be playable on mobile devices. Does the New Year slot machine have such problems?

The good news for you is that no matter you are using an Android or iOS device, you can enjoy slot machine games anytime and anywhere. The game uses real-time game technology, allowing you to play directly in the browser without downloading or installing any applications.

The mobile version of the slot machine has exquisite graphics and smooth operations comparable to the desktop version, allowing players to play on their mobile phones or tablets. You can also get an immersive gaming experience!

Is there a free spins mechanism in the New Year slot game?

As for the free slot machine game design that many players like, can this design be played on slot machines during the New Year?

Unfortunately, this game does not have a free game design, but instead, it has a “multiplier accumulation” game mechanism that also gives players the opportunity to earn more bonuses and double the winnings.

Players only need to keep striving to win. The bonus multiplier has the opportunity to increase from 2 times to a maximum of 32 times!

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How to play the New Year slot game?

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