7 Basketball Betting Sites, Basketball Betting Steps and Skills! 【2022】

7 Basketball Betting Sites, Basketball Betting Steps and Skills! 【2022】

The NBA is popular all over the world, and many people will bet on basketball, which makes the process of watching the game more exciting, and even has the opportunity to win big prizes, why not?
This article will recommend 7 basketball betting sites for you, and will also teach you how to judge a good betting website. Of course, it will also tell you the most important basketball betting steps, skills and common problems. Not much to say, Just watch it with me!

Top7 NBA betting sites recommended


Basketball Betting Sites JB CASINO

Founded in 2018, JB CASINO is a leading brand in the global online game market. Not only sports games, but also a variety of casino games such as e-sports, live casino, and individual battles. JB CASINO has a Philippine gaming license issued by PAGCOR. It is a legal online gaming website, and has a 24-hour monitoring technical team throughout the year. The safety of players is protected by strict regulations. JB CASINO has the latest payment gateway technology to achieve extremely fast deposits, withdrawals and transfers through exclusive network optimization, providing users with a first-class gaming experience. It also provides a variety of application options, allowing members to play games anytime and anywhere through Web, H5, and native APPs, and online customer service provides the most intimate and high-quality services.

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888sport is a gaming website with sports events as its main betting, including football, tennis and other sports events and virtual sports. 888sports provides a variety of banking services for users to choose from and pay their winnings quickly, as well as live broadcasts of racing events in the UK and Ireland.


BetUs is a gaming website established in 1994, providing a full range of online casino services and providing excellent coverage in the field of sports betting. BetUs offers deposit and withdrawal methods such as credit cards, charge cards, wire transfers and cash transfers, as well as additional rewards for cryptocurrency users.


BetVictor is a 70-year-old betting site fully licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. Provide various sports games including basketball, football, horse racing, etc. There are various banks for users to.


Ladbrokes is one of the oldest online sports betting sites and is a reliable NBA betting site. As the NBA championship rush and the playoffs approach each May, bettors will be offered an odds boost for their selected nightly NBA bets. Ladbrokes also offers live streaming of NBA games so players can watch the game and learn how to place bets.


Betway has always been a very well-known website in the European gaming industry. There are more than 100 games to bet on, providing increased odds, early cash out functions and high deposit limits. The speed of paying bonuses is very fast, and there is an APP version available for mobile phone users.


Bet365 offers a wide range of basketball betting features, not only live broadcasts of all NBA games on the website and app, but also live bet redemption. Bet365 offers a variety of sports games, including basketball, football and baseball. In addition, Bet365 offers different deposit methods such as credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. The speed of paying the bonus is about 2 to 4 days.

How do we rank Basketball Betting Sites?

How do we rank Basketball Betting Sites?

1.Security and reputation

Users must be absolutely sure that your financial information is safe when placing bets and must choose a gaming site that operates under a license issued by a legitimate regulatory body. An SSL-encrypted website prevents hackers and other harmful third parties from stealing users’ funds and personal information, protecting users from any misconduct. In addition, a reputable website should be licensed by the gaming-related regulatory authority, which can demonstrate that the website complies with legal requirements for information protection and gaming fairness.

2.Various deposit and withdrawal methods

Most bettors want to find the easiest way to deposit, and providing a variety of banking options is the key to attracting users to gaming sites. If the site can provide users with many options for depositing and withdrawing money, users are more likely to use the bank service they are most familiar with to make deposits and withdrawals.



Sports betting sites often offer free betting opportunities or give sign-up bonuses, and once new users sign up, they can get generous new customer offers, and there are many offers designed to further reward users.

4.A variety of bets and odds to choose from

The variety of NBA games should be considered whether the betting site provides comprehensive coverage of the league and offers popular betting options such as Moneyline, Parlay and prop betting. In addition to this, consider whether there are betting opportunities outside the NBA. For example, does the site give players the opportunity to bet on sports other than NBA basketball, allowing players to place all their bets on one site?

5.Peed of paying bonuses

Most bettors want to find the site that pays out their bonuses the fastest, and usually sites with a variety of convenient deposit and withdrawal options process bonuses faster. Websites that work with e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can get their bonuses into the hands of users as soon as a day.

Ready to try basketball betting?

Now that you know how to bet on basketball, you should be eager to try the game yourself. Welcome to the top rated online sports casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting sports game variations!

How to place online basketball betting?

Step 1. Pick a basketball game website that suits you
Step 2. Create your free account and make your first deposit
Step 3. Claim any possible wagering bonus
Step 4. Select and place your desired basketball bet
Step 5. Win and cash out

5 online basketball betting tips

5 online basketball betting tips | Basketball Betting Sites?

1.View the match schedule

Be sure to keep an eye out for teams that are about to play. If the team is in good shape, their edge could make them a good bet to win the next game. If they’re on a losing streak, that could mean they’re in trouble.

2.Follow four factors

Basketball experts believe that a careful study of four factors—shoots, turnovers, rebounds and free throws—can allow you to construct a solid betting model. This will have to take some time and application, but it will also help players predict the spread of their bets and place their bets accordingly.

3.Pay attention to changes in odds

Public participation often affects betting lines. If a team has a lot of hype and media coverage, the public may be more inclined towards a particular team. The odds on betting sites will adjust quickly to reflect this, potentially creating value for the losers, so changing the betting team at the right moment can help to make a lot of money.

Basketball Betting Sites

4.Shop around to find the best odds

Shopping around multiple sports betting sites is a necessary process to get the best odds. The higher the odds, the greater the overall profit. It’s an easy way to maximize your profits. The easiest way is to have accounts with multiple sports betting sites.

5.Understand your own financial planning

Money management refers to how you choose and allocate your money when you bet. Proper bankroll management can help extend the life of your betting. The NBA is a long season, and it is not suitable to bet on every game. Knowing your budget and choosing the games you are more interested in betting is a more wise choice.

Basketball Betting Sites | FAQ

Ready to try basketball betting?

Now that you know how to bet on basketball, you should be eager to try the game yourself. Welcome to the top rated online sports casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting sports game variations!

Recommended Basketball Betting Sites︱JB Casino

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7 Basketball Betting Sites, Basketball Betting Steps and Skills! 【2022】
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We will recommend 7 basketball betting sites for you, and also tell you the most important basketball betting steps, skills and common problems.

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