7 football betting sites and NFL betting tips to tell you at one time!

7 football betting sites and NLF betting tips  to tell you at one time!

Many people will bet on football while watching football games, because it can be more exciting to enjoy the game. Many people want to step into the world of football betting, but they don’t know which football betting sites to go to. This article will tell you Seven of the most popular football betting sites in the Philippines, and will also teach you how to bet on the NFL and the skills of betting on the NFL. If you want to know, keep reading!

2022 Philippine Football Betting Best Site TOP7


JB Casino Philippine Football Betting Best Site

Founded in 2018, JB CASINO is a leading brand in the global online game market. Not only sports games, but also a variety of casino games such as e-sports, live casino, and individual battles. JB CASINO has a Philippine gaming license issued by PAGCOR. It is a legal online gaming website, and has a 24-hour monitoring technical team throughout the year. The safety of players is protected by strict regulations. JB CASINO has the latest payment gateway technology to achieve extremely fast deposits, withdrawals and transfers through exclusive network optimization, providing users with a first-class gaming experience. It also provides a variety of application options, allowing members to play games anytime and anywhere through Web, H5, and native APPs, and online customer service provides the most intimate and high-quality services.

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20bet went live in 2020 and has been officially licensed in Curacao. 20bet has a large number of casino games and sports games for users to choose from, provides a variety of deposit methods, pays bonuses in 1 to 3 days, and also features real-time online broadcast, early cash out, and increased odds.


Bet365 is a sports betting website that offers gaming games for a variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and even dog racing, horse racing, and virtual sports. Qualified users can also watch exciting football broadcasts. Bet365 offers different deposit methods such as credit card, bank transfer, paypal, etc. The speed of paying the bonus is about 2 to 4 days.


22bet has more than 100 game software suppliers of casino games, a large variety of games and rich, also promises 48 hours of payment, and has a variety of deposit methods and banks for users to choose from. In addition, 22bet has mobile apps for iOS and Android available for users to download.


Betway has always been a very well-known website in the European gaming industry, with e-sports betting as its main game, but also provides rest games such as online slot machines. Betway provides functions to increase odds and cash out early, pay bonuses very quickly, and also provide an APP version for mobile phone users.


888sport is a gaming website with sports events as its main betting, including football, tennis and other sports events and virtual sports. 888sports has been running many promotions, not only new users, but also existing customers can enjoy many betting offers.


BetOnline is known for offering a wide range of odds on a variety of sporting events, including a variety of line, over, under and prop betting options.

How to Pick the Best Football Betting Sites

How to Pick the Best NFL Betting Site  Football Betting Sites

There are hundreds of sports betting sites online for betting on the NFL, and we must consider the following factors when choosing a betting site:

1.Registration bonus

Free Bet

Free bet is a no-deposit bonus. After users register an account, many online gaming sites will provide users with the opportunity to bet for free, and users do not need to invest funds themselves.

The first risk-free bet

Many gaming sites provide users with the first bet after registration. If the user loses, the gaming site will reimburse the user for the bet amount not exceeding the amount set by the user, but the exact amount of repayment will vary according to different sites.

Deposit bonus

The user’s deposit in the website will have a certain percentage compared with the website’s credit, and get a certain percentage of the bonus amount, but the exact bonus that can be obtained will vary according to different websites, some websites may provide up to 100% deposit bonus, these bonuses will double the user’s currency on the site.

Ready to try football betting?

Now that you know how to bet on football, you should be eager to try the game for yourself. Welcome to the top rated online sports casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting sports gaming variations!

2.Promotional Offers

Football Betting Sites Promotional Offers

Some sites offer user odds boosts, profit boosts, parlay boosts, or VIP plans for all levels of sports betting users:

Odds Boosting

A sports betting site may select a specific bet from that week’s games and boost the betting line to a higher implied odds.

Profit enhancement

During the NFL season, sports betting sites offer weekly odds that allow users to bet on the NFL up to a certain percentage, maybe 10%, 20% or 50%. day to gain the advantage of winning big prizes.

Parlay Boost

Sports betting sites will boost the odds of your qualifying parlay, usually requiring at least three rounds and minimum odds, actual odds vary by site. So users can bet more safely and still get big winnings, or get bigger profits with your long parlay bets.

3.Quick Payout Bonuses

Users bet on sports in order to win their bets and receive bonuses, so to enjoy their winnings quickly, they must choose a sports betting site that pays fast, usually a site with a variety of convenient deposit and withdrawal options. The speed at which the payout is processed. relatively fast. Websites that work with e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can get their bonuses into the hands of users as soon as a day.

4.Numerous betting options

The more options a user can bet on, the greater the chance of finding a bet with positive expected value, and the key to having fun and profit when betting.

5.Safe betting procedure

When choosing a gaming website, the safety of users’ cash and personal information should be the top priority. Choose a website that operates legally to ensure that betting funds and personal information can be properly protected.

The benefits of betting on football online

The benefits of betting on football online  Football Betting Sites

1.The convenience of following events

One of the benefits of online sports betting is that users can enjoy betting on mobile devices. So it’s easy whether you want to bet on the go or just use your phone from the couch. Every gaming site should be mobile-friendly, meaning users can access any gaming site from the device’s Google or Safari browser, and some sites also offer mobile iOS and Android apps for download.

2.Online Shopping

The fact that many states have more than one online sportsbook to choose from is a huge advantage in itself compared to places with just one set of odds. The ability to buy online and choose the odds that work best for you is a major benefit of having multiple online sportsbook accounts.

3.Registration Offers and Promotions

In the physical casino, players can only get the odds on the table, there is no website credit, no odds and profits increase, and no other discounts. If players pursue more, online gaming websites can provide users with more.

4.More betting options

Online sportsbooks offer more betting options than brick-and-mortar gaming venues. In addition to paylines, spreads, totals, and maybe some futures.

NFL betting types

1.Point spreads

Point spreads are the most popular type of bet where players are not actually betting on which team will win the game, but which team will make up the difference in points.


Moneyline is ideal for new sportsbook players who don’t want to risk a lot of money or put in complicated bets. In order to win a bet, players simply place their money on the team or individual that the player believes will win the game or game.

3.Teasers and pleasers

Teasers are a more difficult type of bet, using advance betting, players can adjust the point spread of each bet. But depending on how much a player wants to adjust, this can have a significant impact on the winnings paid out. Pleasers are Parlays bets that combine multiple Point spread bets or multiple totals bets into one bet.


Players with an in-depth knowledge of a particular sport tend to prefer futures betting, where players have to place their bets on the outcome of an event long before the event starts, and if the bet is right, bettors can make a lot of money here.


Also known as total score, it is very popular among all types of sportsbook players. In traditional sports, these odds allow bettors to wager that the total score during the game will be above or below a certain number. In combat sports, bettors place a bet on whether the total number of rounds in a match is above or below a certain number.

Baccarat Rules


Also known as accumulators, it is one of the most complex yet lucrative sports bets. A parlay is the opposite of a straight bet, a parlay is actually a combination of several different bets. While it can be difficult to accurately guess every bet, the bonuses are often very attractive.

7.Halftime wagers and live betting

Halftime wagers are odds announced immediately after the first half is played. Some gaming sites even released them early in the second quarter when there was still time. Oddsmakers adjust point spreads and totals based on what has already happened in the game, giving you the opportunity to learn about new odds and make different predictions. Live betting, or sometimes called live betting, allows you to place bets on each game move. You can bet on whether it will end with a touchdown, interception or shot.


Propositions are decisive bets during the game, but involve point spreads, totals and moneylines.

Online football betting tips

1.Understand the different types of football betting

See “NFL Betting Types” above to learn about the different types of football betting that can help you build a winning football betting strategy.

2.Avoid making the most common football betting mistakes

For long-term success betting, it is important to avoid football betting mistakes such as betting on your favorite team, shotgun betting methods, not knowing enough about football, unrealistic expectations, ignoring the consequences of losing bets Injury, not paying for odds, etc.

3.Follow good money management practices

Money management refers to how you choose and allocate your money when you bet. Proper bankroll management can help extend the life of your betting and help propel you into professional betting.

4.Don’t be misled by sports media

Sports media, talk shows, news reports, magazines, and online articles are often written for one purpose—to please readers, viewers or listeners, not to help you pick out worthwhile sports bets. So they ignore what they really think will happen and narrate something more engaging. This also means that they usually do not consider odds, spreads or paylines when making their selections.

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Ready to try football betting?

Now that you know how to bet on football, you should be eager to try the game for yourself. Welcome to the top rated online sports casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting sports gaming variations!

Football Betting Sites | FAQs

Recommended online football betting manufacturers︱JB Online Casino

If you are looking for a safe place to place football bets with a wide variety of games, congratulations! Your search journey is officially over. Clicking the button below will take you directly to the JB online gaming network that has the most people playing games on it today.

JB Online Gaming.com is not only an online casino that has been strictly tested by casino professionals in terms of safety, bonuses, game selection, payment methods, etc., but also an online casino operator with a legal license.

Let’s start enjoying a new round of casino experience in the game by claiming the bonus before the game starts.

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7 football betting sites and NFL betting tips to tell you at one time!
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Many people want to step into the world of football betting, but they don't know which football betting sites to go to. We will tell you Seven of the most popular football betting sites in the Philippines.

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