13 Bingo Winning Patterns, Ways To Win Big Prizes

13 Bingo Winning Patterns, Ways To Win Big Prizes

Many people dream of getting rich overnight, and using bingo can make it easy for you to achieve this desire, but everyone knows that very few people can win the bingo award, because everyone is no right way to play bingo, this article will tell you the bingo winning patterns , including the benefits of playing bingo online, how to play bingo online , and finally recommend you an online casino-JB Casino that is well-received by the Internet.

Benefits Of Playing Bingo Online

Benefits Of Playing Bingo Online

Compared with live betting, we will recommend you to play bingo online , and at the same time, we will sort out three benefits for you to play bingo online.

1.Bet anytime, anywhere

Play bingo online , you can place bets anytime, anywhere without geographical and time constraints. I believe that some people do not have bingo betting stations near their homes, but it is very troublesome to travel far for the bingo betting station. Or at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, you suddenly want to bet on bingo, but the bingo betting shop is closed at that time. If you have encountered the above situation, then it is highly recommended that you can bet on bingo online , as long as you have an internet connection you can bet on bingo anytime, anywhere.

2.Won’t get lost bingo

If you bet bingo at a live betting shop, you will get a piece of paper with the numbers you bet on. However, many people lose small pieces of paper accidentally. If you lose your bingo paper and miss out on the jackpot, if you are also afraid of such a pity, then it is highly recommended that you bet on bingo online .

3.Have trial money

Some online betting sites will have the benefit of trial money , while live betting shops basically do not have this service, but this will vary according to the online betting shop you choose. As players, if there is a free trial Playing gold gives us a chance to try bingo and give us a chance to win big, so why not? Later, we will also introduce the bingo online betting site with demo money.

How To Play Bingo Online?

How To Play Bingo Online?

If you want to play bingo and get rich overnight, you must first understand how to play bingo online , and then it will be divided into four steps to take everyone to operate it together.

1.Find trusted bingo betting site

You want to bet on bingo online, be sure to find a good bingo betting site , because if you find a bad betting site, there is a good chance that even if you win, you won’t be able to exchange it, or you may buy bingo ‘s Funds are likely to be swallowed directly, so how do we choose a good bingo betting site?

First of all, we must go to the betting website to observe whether the company’s website has some trustworthy certifications. If the website has certifications, it is a relatively more trustworthy platform . In addition, we can personally contact the customer service to observe the attitude of the customer service. Or the speed of response, because if there are operators who have intentions in operating the platform, they will treat each customer positively. Finally, we can also look at the evaluations of other players who have lived under the platform, through the most authentic evaluations of other players. It is also an important point to judge.

2.Create account

Finding a truly trustworthy online bingo betting platform , you can enter the platform to create your own account, and you can manage all your bingo bets in this account at one time, which is very convenient.

3.Stored value

After creating an account, you can safely store your funds into the account. After the funds are stored, you can start to play bingo!

I believe that at this stage, everyone will feel uneasy about the funds being deposited into the account, so this is why we must find a good betting platform, and a good betting platform will keep your funds safe.

4.Place a bet

When you arrange bingo numbers you want to bet on according to your own strategy, you can bet, but after the bet is completed, it is not the end! Please double check the bingo draw time, and after the bingo draw, go back to the website to confirm your numbers, although this is unbelievable, there are many people in the world who miss the jackpot because they forget the draw time.

Bingo Winning Patterns

Bingo Winning Patterns

Next, I will introduce up to 13 bingo winning patterns for you. If you want to win the big prize overnight, you must not miss it!


Line is the standard bingo game mode. As the name suggests, if you have the same number as the winning number in a straight line, whether it is horizontal, straight or oblique, it will count as winning, and if you are playing 75 balls, you need to match four Numbers, if you’re playing 90 balls, hit five numbers.


Lines is similar to Line , and the numbers on the line must match, but Lines must be matched with two staggered lines to be considered a winner.

3.Full House

Full House is a variant of all bingo games. When the numbers on the bingo paper are filled up and there is still no winning, it is called Full House , which means that the bonus at this time will be mentioned very high.

4.Four Corners

Four Corners to be introduced next is only suitable for 75-ball bingo, and you need to hit any four numbers in any four spaces to win the prize.

5.Letters and Numbers

Letters and Numbers means that the shape of the number matches any letter or number, such as T, H, 3, 4.

6.Top Middle Bottom Line

Top Middle Bottom Line is only applicable to 75 ball bingo, as long as your numbers just match the top row, the middle row and the bottom row, you will be considered a winner.


Ready to try bingo?

Now that you know how to play bingo , you should be eager to try the game yourself. Welcome to the top rated online bingo casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting variations of the bingo game!

JB Casino

7.Outside Edge

Outside Edge is also a 75-ball bingo mode only. When your numbers match and can be connected in a line on the outer circle to form a square, you will win.

8.Any Four Numbers

Any Four Numbers is available for 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, but is still more common in 75-ball bingo mode, as long as you hit any four numbers, with or without a line.


Clock means that you must just arrange the numbers in the shape of a Clock , that is, a circle is formed outside, and the middlemost number in the circle must also win the prize.


Windmill is suitable for 75-ball bingo, that is, the numbers must be arranged in the shape of a windmill , that is, four numbers in all four corners, and the number in the center also wins.


Bell is only suitable for 75 ball bingo, also for the pattern where the numbers must be arranged like a bell, also known as the Christmas tree pattern.


For Pyramid , the numbers must be arranged in a pyramid pattern, but the proportion only needs to take up three lines, which will look like a flat triangle.


The last bingo winning patterns is Arrow , that is, the shape of the pattern Parkson arrow must be pointed outward, no matter which direction it is.

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JB Casino

Where Can I Play Bingo?

After introducing the benefits of playing bingo online, how to play bingo online and bingo winning patterns , I believe everyone can’t wait to try bingo ! Here we will recommend to you a trustworthy online casino- JB Casino that also distributes trial money.

1.JB Casino

Where Can I Play Bingo? JB Casino

I will recommend you a website that has been bet by many people – JB Casino , JB Casino is a website approved by the European Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) , certified by the international association A legitimate company is relatively safe.

JB Casino has a variety of games, including S lots , Lottery , S ports betting , E -Sports , Fish and other games, here you can play all the casino games you want at one time. The JB Casino website is equipped with 128-bit encryption technology and a secure management system, which can manage the funds of all players, and there is no need to worry about hackers hacking the website. In addition, JB Casino also uses a special payment gateway technology, whether it is a deposit. , withdrawal or transfer can be completed quickly, you can use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the services of JB Casino anytime, anywhere.

Bingo Winning Patterns | JB Casino

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the benefits of playing bingo online, how to play bingo online and bingo winning patterns . If you have any other questions about bingo betting, you can contact JB Casino’s customer service, and we will Someone will answer you. Come and start your bingo online journey with me!

Recommended Online Bingo Betting︱JB Casino

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to place your bingo bets, congratulations! Your search journey is officially over. Clicking the button below will take you directly to the JB Casino where the most people are playing bingo today.

JB Casino is not only an online casino that has been rigorously tested by casino professionals in terms of safety, bonuses, bingo game selection, payment methods, etc., but also an online casino operator with a legal license.

Let’s start enjoying a new round of casino experience in the game by claiming the bonus before the game starts.


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13 Bingo Winning Patterns, Ways To Win Big Prizes
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I will tell you the bingo winning patterns, including the benefits of playing bingo online, how to play bingo online, and recommend an online casino-JB Casino.

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