How To Play Casino Blackjack? Certain Victory Tips

Blackjack How To Play Casino? Certain Victory Tips

Blackjack is one of the classic casino poker games. The simple and exciting gameplay is very popular among gamblers. Have you ever played blackjack? If you still don’t know how to play worrying about blackjack, don’t worry! I will teach you how to play casino blackjack, winning skills, etc. I will tell you all at once, keep reading!

Blackjack Introduce

Before learning how to play casino blackjack, let’s talk briefly about blackjack If you want to step into the world of blackjack, you must know the origin of blackjack!

1.Blackjack Origin

I heard that the earliest game with the same nature as blackjack was a game that was circulated in Spain, and then appeared in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Belgium. Blackjack was not originally called blackjack, but was called vingt-et-un. What does this word mean? That is, the meaning of blackjack in French, because the earliest origin of blackjack originated in France in the 1700s. Blackjack was one of the very popular casino games in France at that time, but the vingt-et-un at that time was familiar to everyone today. The gameplay is not the same.

Then vingt-et-un was introduced to various countries, but blackjack was not very popular with Americans at first, but later the Americans improved the blackjack gameplay and proposed a reward that could increase the bonus by 10 times, so it began to be popular with the public. The name of blackjack was also taken from this time. Although the bonus system was cancelled for various reasons, the name blackjack has spread all over the world.


How To Play Casino Blackjack?

Blackjack How To Play Casino?

With a general understanding of the origins of blackjack, you should be surprised how old a game blackjack is! Next, I will introduce the rules and procedures of blackjack to make it easier for you to be more familiar with blackjack. The following content will be introduced with the popular blackjack.

1.Blackjack rules and procedures

Blackjack rules, as the name implies, are as long as your poker card points can be higher than the dealer, but must be controlled within 21 points (including 21 points), you can win.


Before the start of each blackjack game, each player must bet. Depending on the table, there are lower and upper limits for players to bet. Players only need to bet according to this limit, as long as all After all players have placed their bets, the game can begin.


After starting the game, the dealer will first give the player a card in a clockwise direction, and will also give it to himself at the end. It should be noted that this card must not be seen by others, which is commonly known as the dark card.


Then the croupier will also give everyone a clear card in order, and also give one to himself. If the croupier’s own clear card is 10 or ace at this time, the croupier will ask each player for don’t buy “insurance”.


Then the dealer will ask each player if they need to make up cards in a clockwise direction. After all the players have added cards, the dealer will check whether their poker cards are full of 17 points. If they are not enough, they will add cards to Until 17 points, at the end, you can see which player’s card is the closest to 21 o’clock, and you can win.

Remember! It cannot exceed 21 points. If it exceeds, it is called a bust, and the bet will still be lost.

Ready to try Blackjack?

Now that you know how to play blackjack, you should be eager to try the game yourself. Welcome to the top rated online blackjack casino in the Philippines where you will find many exciting variations of the blackjack game!

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Blackjack Winning Tips

Blackjack Winning Tips

Then I will talk to you about what blackjack winning tips have. This article is divided into four parts to introduce to you.

1.Control the budget

First of all, whether you are playing blackjack or other casino games, the most important thing is to control your play budget. Once you have set your play budget, do n’t change it, because it is easy to affect your emotions while playing. Some players may invest too much money due to the game results. If you invest money in an irrational situation, it is likely to make you bankrupt overnight, so before entering the casino, please set your own play budget.

2.Observe other players

While playing blackjack, it is also very important to observe other players’ playing strategies. You may be able to see some clues from other players’ playing cards, and use other players’ playing cards to decide how to play your own strategy, whether it is physical Casino or online casino play, you have to watch other players carefully.

3.Do not bet more than half of your chips in a single bet

Then try to control each bet within half of the chips. Similarly, if each bet exceeds half of the chips, it is easy to increase the risk of losing chips. Even if you encounter a very favorable opportunity, there is no guarantee that you can 100 % in the event of winning the game, never bet more than half of your chips.

4.Learn about blackjack gameplay and rules

If you want to become a winning blackjack player, you must fully understand the gameplay, rules and related terms of blackjack before playing. At the same time, if you are a player who plays in a physical casino, you must remember the gestures of related terms. Only by fully understanding only blackjack players can win often.


Play Online Blackjack

Play Online Blackjack

Next, I will tell you the difference between physical casino and online casino.

1.Entity casino

In the physical Casino, if you want to show any strategy, you must learn gestures to show, such as: Stand, Hit, Double Down, etc. There will be different gestures for different actions, so these gestures are very important in blackjack, if you are new to blackjack, you are very likely to be confused by these gestures, so here we recommend that people who are already familiar with blackjack will go to the physical casino to play. If you are a beginner, try to play at Online Casino play.

2.Online casino

Online casino not only does not have to remember complicated gestures, you can also have different gameplay and variants according to the online casino you choose, some people may think: “Playing blackjack online will not have the atmosphere of a real casino!”, in fact, not necessarily, if you choose an online casino with a real dealer, you will feel the feeling of interacting with the dealer alone.

In addition, playing blackjack online is actually the same as playing in the physical casino, but most of the online casinos can enjoy player benefits. At the same time, you can play blackjack anytime, anywhere on the online without any restrictions, other than that In addition, you can play different blackjack games at one time at online casino, such as public or private, you can do whatever you want. Finally, it is highly recommended that novices can come to online casino to play blackjack because the stakes are small and it is suitable for players who are not familiar with blackjack.


Where Can Play Blackjack In Casino?

Having said so much, I believe that everyone must be curious, so where do I want to play blackjack, here is a trusted online casino – JB Casino .

1.JB Casino

Where Can Play Blackjack In Casino? JB Casino

JB Casino is a local online casino in the Philippines. It has an online casino certified by the European Union’s Malta Gaming Authority ( MGA ) and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It is very trustworthy, and players don’t have to worry too much!

In addition, the JB Casino website has 128-bit encryption technology and a secure management system, which can manage the funds of all players, which is very safe. At the same time, JB Casino also has a variety of games with live dealers to play with you. You can play according to what you want to play. The game picks different beautiful dealers!

JB Casino whether you want to deposit, withdraw or transfer money, it can be completed quickly. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the services of JB Casino anytime, anywhere.

How To Play Casino Blackjack? | FAQ

How To Play Casino Blackjack? | JB Casino

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of how to play casino blackjack. If you have other questions about blackjack playing, you can contact the customer service of JB Casino, and someone will answer you. Come and start your online blackjack journey with me!

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How To Play Casino Blackjack? Certain Victory Tips
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