Bluffing poker ? Poker skills you must learn!

Bluffing poker ? 5 Poker skills you must learn!

Do you also like to play poker ? Then you must know the tricks of bluffing poker that can make you win! The timing of bluffing is very important. In addition to bluffing , you must also know how not to be discovered by other players, and you must also learn to observe whether other players are bluffing . Next, I will put the secret of bluffing poker tell you once.

What is Bluffing Poker?

Bluffing is a term in the game of poker, which means that when you have a poor hand, you increase your bet amount instead. The purpose is to make your opponent think that your hand is good and his hand is poor, and voluntarily give up his hand. good hand, so you win.

Bluffing is also divided into Semi- Bluffing and Pure Bluffing. Semi-Bluffing means that your own hand is not extremely bad, but not very good. At this time, you can’t be sure whether your opponent’s hand is better or worse than your own. At this time, you still have a chance to reverse the situation. Pure-Bluffing means that your hand is really bad, so bad that you think your opponent’s hand can’t be worse than your hand. At this time, you show a very strong bluffing and let your opponent think you are the odds are so good, let him fold his cards.

Every player has the ability to bluff ing when playing poker, but to really convince your opponent that you have a good hand, you have to learn the skills of bluffing.


Bluffing Poker 3 steps

Bluffing Poker 3 steps

1.Choose the right time for bluffing


If your hand is not very good and you feel that the other players are a little nervous, you can increase your bet preflop. Raising can put pressure on other opponents, making subsequent flop players decide to fold before the flop, and raising pre-flop allows you to observe how other opponents are reacting in the moment, giving you enough time to fold. Rethink your strategy before ending the game.


If you’re not sure whether other opponents’ hands are good or bad, you should raise post-flop. You watch your opponent’s reaction after the flop to determine if they have a good hand, and if you feel they have a very good hand, you re-raise to force your opponents to fold.

2.Convince other opponents

Bluffing one opponent at a time

A bluffing is most effective against the previous opponent because someone has a very good hand and someone has a worse hand than you, so you’re unlikely to be able to fold two opponents with a single bluffing, and If there are more players in the game, other people may follow your bluffing , so your bluffing will be ineffective.

Bluffing the strong, not the weak

If you bluff the underdogs, these newbies who don’t have a solid understanding of the game of poker may not be affected at all because they have no idea what you’re raising for and don’t take into account the strength of your opponent’s hand.

And when you’re bluffing against a strong player, strong players will evaluate your performance and call to see if you ‘re bluffing.

Keep calm

Bluffing is actually lying, you have a bad hand but you pretend you are good. So when you are lying, you should stay calm, relax your body, and avoid talking a lot or suddenly not talking. If your eyes drift, keep eye contact with your opponent, and keep twisting your body, it is possible to convey nervousness, and good players will recognize that you are bluffing.

Constructing the player image

Each player has their own style of play, some people show a relaxed look regardless of whether they win or lose, some people can’t help but giggle when they are about to win, and some people sweat easily when the situation is very tense. You should build a player image of your own and keep your image when you’re bluffing so your opponent won’t be able to easily tell if you’re lying.

3.Try different types of bluffing


Going all-in is a very confident move, and going all-in at the end of the game can force other players to make a quick decision, in which case the other opponents can only choose to fold or showdown. But this strategy is very risky, you can get paid or lose all your chips at once, so you have to be mentally prepared.


As mentioned earlier, when playing Semi-Bluffing, it means that your hand is not too bad and may turn the tide after the flop. But whether or not bluffing can make you turn the tables and win, the purpose of bluffing should be to get your opponent to fold.


If your hand is so bad that you don’t have any chips to win at all, and you have no choice but to bluffing and fold, then bluffing will be your last resort, if your opponent calls get on your bluffing and you won’t have a chance of winning.

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How To Win Poker?

Tips for Bluffing Poker

Tips for Bluffing Poker

1.Observe the opponent

You need to be able to measure your opponent’s hand, but also think about how your hand is perceived by your opponent. Often with experience playing poker, you can develop your ability to observe your opponent’s hand, especially how your opponent reacts to the flop of each hand. You have to be able to read your opponent’s expressions and body movements, because a person’s expressions and movements say everything.

2.Do not attack blindly

Advisable to bluff your opponent to fold right away when your opponent is showing weakness post-flop, because you can’t be sure if your opponent is cheating, and bluffing right away may make you look like too deliberate to convince your opponent.

3.Take a good bluffing scale

When you bluffing, you should imagine that you have a good hand, and then think about how much this good hand is worth raising, and make a corresponding raise, of course you have to consider how much other people bet, because many more capable players don’t think your raise is important to them, so they insist on not folding.

4.Reorganization strategy after bluffing

Again, the purpose of bluffing is to get your opponent to fold, but don’t forget that you have more than one opponent. After you’ve forced an opponent to fold, you should readjust your game strategy in order to continue playing against other players. Remember that constantly bluffing makes it harder and harder for others to believe you have a good hand.


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Bluffing from 3 Places


Observing eyes is a good way to distinguish players’ hands from good or bad cards in poker games, which is why many players wear sunglasses to hide their eyes when playing poker games. Usually the player keeps his eyes on the cards in his hand after the flop, which means that he has drawn a bad card and is thinking about what to do next. On the other hand, if someone looks away after the flop and pretends not to care, it means that he has drawn a good card, and he has to pretend to be calm on purpose.

2.Facial expressions

Most people’s emotions are shown on their faces. If you see someone blinking, pursing, swallowing, or touching their nose, it means that he is a little nervous and uneasy. This does not necessarily mean that his cards are not good.

It may also be It means that his hand is so good that he doesn’t know how to maintain a good hand, and then you have to look for other signs to tell whether his hand is good or bad.

3.Body movements

When most people feel nervous, they will unconsciously tighten their body, lift their shoulders, stand on tiptoes, push their thighs, and their body will be very stiff, which may mean that their cards are not very good.

If a player sits very relaxedly and speaks with ease, conversing naturally with others, it usually means he has a good hand. Of course, some people will deliberately make very exaggerated actions to pretend they are not nervous. At this time, they should be very cautious. Watching a player flop is also a way to spend time.


Bluffing Poker FAQ

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Bluffing poker ? Poker skills you must learn!
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You must know the winning tricks in the poker game bluffing poker! The timing of bluffing is very important. Next, I will tell you the secret of bluffing poker.

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